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Home of the Month Award Program


The Marietta Board of REALTORS® Home of the Month program began in April 2017 to recognize well maintained or renovated residential homes and the hard work the homeowners put into them. The winning home will be photographed and featured in an article published to our website and Facebook page, and a yard sign identifying you as the “HOME OF THE MONTH” will be placed in your yard.

If you have interest in nominating a home for the award please contact one of the below Marietta Board of REALTORS® committee members:

Kathy Lough 740.525.8485

Lisa L. Taylor 703.475.7803

Matthew Fitzgerald 740.434.3953

Jessie McAtee 304.966.5535


Please include the owner’s name, the property address, and a brief explanation of why this house should be considered.  A photo of the front exterior of the house is also required.


Click Here to Download Nomination Form

New construction, homes currently on the market, and homes owned by REALTORS® and their immediate family are not eligible for this award.  Forms are available at the Marietta Board of REALTORS® office or click here to download.

Congratulations to Larry and Charlotte Binegar on being selected as this month winner of the “Home of the Month” award, for their home located at 106 Mound Drive in Marietta.

The home was built in a quiet neighborhood in Oak Grove in 1972. In the mid-1990s, Larry was living out in the country and wanted to be closer to his work. He heard through the grapevine that this house might be for sale so he approached the owner personally. In 1996, he struck a deal and became the new proud owner of a home just five minutes away from his work, 106 Mound Dr.


Since then Larry has put a lot of work into the house with the help of his boys. Together they built a new sunroom, new garage, new deck, new kitchen, new bathroom, and new laminate floors. They also had the roof replaced by a company in Parkersburg called promo construction.


When asked what his favorite part of the house was Larry said, “it would have to be the neighborhood and the people that live in it. I have very friendly, wonderful neighbors that take good care of their homes.”


Congratulations again Larry and Charlotte! 

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