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June Home of the Month

The Marietta Board of REALTORS® would like to congratulate

the Barker Family

50 Watertown Rd. - This beautiful house located at 50 Watertown Rd. is a piece of art as well as a piece of history. This house is the oldest member of the Schweikert family and was originally built by great grandfather Fred Schweikert. The current owners, Jeff and Darla Barker (Maiden name Schweikert), never planned on it being their forever home but life has a funny way of changing the plans.

Over the past 33 years, Jeff and Darla have put in countless hours of dedicated work to make this house their home. They have updated nearly everything in the house, knocked down walls and created new rooms, made new bathrooms and bedrooms, updated kitchens with granite countertops and stainless-steel appliances, built additions and a garage, and added two furnaces and two AC units. Last April they focused on the outside of the house with new windows, doors, and siding.

What attracted them to the house originally, other than the fact that it was part of the family, was the convenient location! It is in close proximity to their businesses: Force electric, J and D Barker Enterprises, and E&L Gamebird.

With one look anyone can tell that this house deserves recognition.

Congratulations to Jeff and Darla Barker!



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