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ALERT: Seller Identity Fraud

We have received multiple reports of attempted seller impersonation fraud in our area, at least 4 local brokerages that I am aware of currently.  The person has a heavy accent and has called from either (262) 688-4116 or (332) 249-7400 posing as the owner of the property, demanding that it be listed immediately.  The name they use matches the name of the owner of record, sometimes they give the property owner’s actual telephone number, and in one instance a driver’s license was provided that also matched the property owner.  One agent used Forewarn to vet the seller and no red flags were raised.


The fraudster researches the County Auditor’s records for rural lots, vacant properties, or properties without current mortgages.  They then randomly contact a real estate agent requesting immediate CMA and listing of the property. They will often ask to list the property below market value, show preference to a cash buyer and want the deal closed ASAP.  Communication will all be done over the phone or online, and the person will request proceeds be wired or in some cases virtual currency such as bitcoin.


If you believe you have been contacted by someone on a similar fraud, please report it to your Broker immediately and contact the local police so that they can keep record.



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